Tuesday, October 6, 2015

we've been busy

willie and i just chillin' and relaxin'
i think i am finally beginning to recover from the blur that was the last couple of weeks.  preparing for the e-course was challenging, a lot of work, and more than anything else, a whole lot of fun.  i really loved every minute of it!  i hope you were able to join in, but if you weren't, fear not, i'll be doing another one soon.

some of the things we talked about in the course were:
  • morning rituals
  • warm lemon water
  • being creative
  • getting grounded
  • green smoothies
  • nourishing your soul
i'll be expanding on these issues in future posts as well as a lot of other ideas i've got swimming around my head, especially self-care.  in fact, i'm working on a series of self-care topics that will be featured in the upcoming newsletters as we start heading into the holiday season.  (the holiday season?  can you believe it's right around the corner? crazy.)

if you're not signed up for the newsletter and would like to receive your very own copy, click here. it's served up once a month with tips, ideas, and inspiration on how you can live your definition of a healthy simple life.  would love to have you.  

until next time,

cindy :)

Thursday, September 24, 2015

just wanted to share

i recorded this guided meditation for my e-course class and wanted to share with you as well.

enjoy :)
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