Monday, February 1, 2016

a sunday filled with wonderful

such a beautiful day.  the sun shone brightly and the temperature was a not so wintery 82 degrees! spent a little time with family and celebrated a very dear friend's birthday.  it was a good day.  :)

pics in review:

  1. morning bike ride in the park.
  2. matinee with my fabulous friend (highly recommend this show, so good!!)
  3. proof i need more practice taking selfies!
  4. the name of this theater (the majestic) definitely fits.  it's one of the prettiest i've been in so far.
  5. yummy after show guacamole.

peace, love, and sundays,

cindy  :)

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

reflecting on the holidays

yes, i know the holidays are long gone, but even though we're quickly moving towards the second month of the new year, i'm still basking in the "glow" that was my trip.  i really had a great time.  getting to hang out with the two youngest boys (though they're really not boys any more) and spending time out of my usual routine in one of my favorite cities was exactly what i needed.  the sprinkles on the cupcake would have been if all of the kids could have gone with me.  someday we'll make that happen.

the trip was filled with lots of little, simple, but most wonderful of experiences.  with the exception of the air travel, it was laid back and pretty zen, though honestly even the flights weren't that bad.  we wandered and hung out, watched movies, ate indian food, and just took things slow.  there were some firsts for me this time, things i did all by myself that to some people wouldn't be a big deal, but for me it kinda was.  all by myself, i rode the subway and get off on the right stop (woohoo!), hailed a cab several times because well, that was just fun, took the train, enjoyed a museum, did a little people watching while sipping tea, and wandered quite a bit around the upper westside.  together, as you'll see by the pics, we rode horses both real and not so much, wandered central park, shared a big pretzel, watched the ice skaters at rockefeller center and the wollman rink, checked out the window displays at macy's and lord & taylor, and strolled along a beach in jersey. according to my fitbit during the week i was there, i took 89,801 steps and walked over 38 miles!

holiday window displays

rockefeller center and central park

horses, the beach, and just chillin'

peace, love, and nyc!  i can't wait to go back  :)

Monday, January 25, 2016

new name, new look and a little snow

did a little decluttering and rearranging this weekend.  no, not in my actual living space, i'm still working on that, but on my blog space.  my internet home. tidying up feels really good!  i've been wanting to make some changes for a while and finally decided to do it.  i still have a few finishing touches to do, but i'm pretty happy with it so far.  what do you think?

while i was tidying up the blogosphere space, the nyc boys were experiencing the big snow storm, jonas, named by the weather peeps not the boys.  here are a few pics they sent me.  i had the best time looking at the pictures and living vicariously through their stories, really wishing i was there to play in the snow too!

pics in review:

1.  street in harlem
2.  a view from the inside
3.  stairs at a subway station
4.  snow found it's way down into the subway stop!
5.  snowy iron gate
6.  the boat's first snow (the monday before the "big" storm)
7.  a view of saturday morning
8.  from the side
9.  sunday morning after the storm (thankfully that's snow in the water and not ice!)

did you get any snow where you were this weekend?

cindy :)
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