Friday, October 24, 2014

friday tea on the patio

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pumpkin spice is filling the tea cup this morning and with the extra half-hour i have on fridays before i must leave for class, i have the time to really enjoy at least one cup, maybe two....and write this blog post.

the last couple of weeks have been incredibly fast-paced and i'm in desperate need to slow it all down.  it's very interesting to me how easily and quick my schedule can get out of hand.  thankfully i'm recognizing much sooner these days when things are starting to spiral out of control, allowing me to get a handle on things before the burnout hits.  now i'm on a mission to re-evaluate my schedule, keep my soul "yeses" and get rid of the rest.

in the meantime and following the line of thought with the soul yeses, i've signed up for a blogging course that i'm very excited about.  this is a course i've wanted to take for some time and finally decided to stop putting it off and just do it!

another adventuresome path i'm getting ready to undertake is that of certified yoga therapist. i'm very, VERY excited about this.  it's something that i've wanted to do almost since i began teaching yoga some 14 years ago.  it's going to take a couple of years to complete, a lot of work and money, but i believe and i hope it will all be worth it in the end.  there are two pre-requisite courses i have to take before starting the actual therapy training; the first pre-requisite i'm doing is an intensive anatomy and physiology course.  not going to lie, i'm a little nervous about it.  i have taken a&p before of course, but it's been a while, will need to dust the brain off a bit, so we'll see.  i'll keep you posted.

it's a grandson weekend, which will definitely keep me busy, but i'm looking forward to it.  so love spending time with them.  i also hope to get by the bookstore sometime this weekend and do a little browsing.  we'll see.  and you?  what's on your weekend agenda?  would love to hear about it.

peace, love, and happy friday!

cindy :)


Monday, October 6, 2014

monday gratitude
this week is set to be extremely busy with classes, clients, and packing for my upcoming nyc/philadelphia trip.  so in an effort to set a positive tone for the possible craziness ahead, i thought i'd start with a little gratitude.

today i am grateful that all turned out well this past weekend, walks in the park with really fun peeps, vegan burgers, laughter-filled chats with sons, and orange leaf.

i do have some great clients who have booked this week and am looking forward to spending time with a few of my favorite people visiting one of my favorite places.  now if i can just decide what to pack!

what's on your gratitude list?  i'd love to hear about it.  :)

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

i could use a nap

it's only wednesday and to be completely honest, i'm a little tired.  the old man i live with has decided that getting up about 5 am (sometimes earlier) for breakfast is a great idea.  i however do not share in his enthusiasm.  he however is quite adamant, persistent, and vocal!  

unfortunately for me, this has been going on for a couple of weeks now.  i've tried several different things in hopes of finding a solution to this early wake-up call, all of which have proven to be unsuccessful.  not sure at this point what to do about it.  hoping this phase will pass and he will once again be willing to sleep in until at least 6!  i wonder if i can get by with "teaching" savasana for the entire hour of class today?

the old man (a.k.a oreo)
this is an old pic as he's very camera shy and
usually asleep because he's been up since 5 am!

peace, love, & sleeping in 'til 7,

cindy  :)