Tuesday, November 18, 2014

good day sunshine

it was a beautiful tuesday here in south texas.  the sun returned after having been in hiding for the last week or so.  it's still cold, but the wind was on the lighter side so it didn't feel quite so bad.

like the sun, i feel like i too had been in hiding this last week.  my big long list of to-do's were put on the back burner as my youngest grandchild was in the hospital and of course, he was foremost in my mind.  he's much better now and back home where he belongs, but honestly it was a little scary.  he lives in another city and not being able to be there was challenging.  it's not that i could have really done anything by being there, but you know, you just want to be close.  thankfully teaching my yoga classes and being able to get "lost" in my crochet projects helped maintain a sense of calm.

what about you?  what are some things you do to keep calm during more trying times?

cindy :)

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Saturday, November 8, 2014

what happened to day 6?

i stared at the computer screen most of yesterday evening thinking about what to write.  what to say.

i wanted to tell you about the wonderful cookies one of the yoga students made for class.  we had cookies after savasana, it was fabulous! (wished i had taken a photo of these cookies, but they were gobbled up pretty fast).

i wanted to tell you about the easy zen-filled morning i had, practicing meditation, leisurely reading through blogs, and sipping not one but two cups of tea.

yep, i had wanted to tell you all of that and more, but instead stared at the screen wondering exactly how to word everything and being somewhat disappointed with myself that i didn't have any pretty pictures to go along with the post.  so i didn't write.  i shut down the computer and went to bed instead.

participating in this daily blog writing challenge has been exactly that, a challenge!  and it's only been a week!  honestly, it's been a little stressful too, but on the flip side, it's also helping me to be accountable.  my ultimate goal for participating in this challenge is to get back to blogging consistently, at least 3-4 days a week.  if i was able to get to a point where i could post something everyday that'd be even better, but i'm not wanting to put that high an expectation on it.  (i tend to overdo!)

for now i will focus on my weekend wish list:

  • tidying up the patio space
  • planting new flowers
  • be inspired by attending a health coaching conference via internet (love the internet!!)
  • attend grandson's soccer game
  • start new grandbaby's blanket
  • draw/sketch
  • walk in the park
  • hopefully take a few pictures for this lovely blog,
  • and
  • find time to just breathe and be.

here's to a happy weekend,

meecindy :)