Tuesday, May 12, 2015

yoga for allergies

i love spring, how 'bout you?  the weather is pretty close to perfect, well most of the time, and the trees and flowers have come back to life in brilliant color. of course along with the blossoming trees and flowers can also come blossoming allergies.  it's all about balance, right?

if you've ever dealt with allergies, you know how annoying it can be. they can create havoc in all parts of our lives; disrupting our sleep, affecting our mood, and generally keeping us from being as productive as we can be.  with this in mind, i thought we'd focus on simple, easy, holistic ways to deal with our allergy symptoms.  we'll be discussing how yoga and essential oils can help us get through the season and into summer.

did you know that stress can worsen allergy symptoms as it triggers inflammation within the body?  Jeff Migdow, MD. says, "relaxation diminishes fight or flight response, and thereby reduces allergic symptoms."  what can we do to reduce stress?  yoga of course! (now you knew i was going to say that ;)

there are yoga postures that are designed to help open the chest, lungs and throat to make breathing easier, clear the respiratory tract, and condition the lungs.  here are just a few:

  • standing side stretch: stretches those intercostal muscles (muscles between the ribs) helping to make breathing easier.
  • forward fold: relieves headaches, beneficial for asthma and sinusitis, calms the brain and relieves stress and mild depression.
  • downward dog: the release when you stand up can actually help trapped mucous drain from the nasal passages.
  • cat and cow:  the combination of these two postures gently massage the spine and belly organs as well as opens the chest during cow pose.
  • bridge: opens the chest - can also do this lying face up over a fitness ball or over a bolster.
try this little sequence the next time you're hit with allergies (or any time you need a little lift!):

peace, love, & yoga!

cindy :)

Monday, May 4, 2015

my weekend in pics

    spring flowers in pittsburgh

   graduation day! (he's in there somewhere)

   super cute new whole foods grocery



   roof top dining on beautiful spring evening

   love the reflection of the old in the new

my youngest graduated college this weekend, college!  i'm not sure that i've quite wrapped my head around this fact yet.  it was just yesterday i was running him to school and all those dance classes.  when did this growing up thing happen?  it's interesting how they all get older, yet i don't.  (wink, wink!)

Tuesday, March 31, 2015


woke up a little out of sorts today.  it's a bit of a grey morning here and i tend to get a little "grey" as well when that happens.  i tried all my go-to remedies, journaling, sun salutations, meditation, lemon-ginger tea, and even contemplated taking a nap out on the patio, but nothing was working.  so it was decided that willie and i would take a walk around the apartment complex.

we meandered through the complex, listened to the birds, and were reminded that there is beauty everywhere, even in the parking lot of an apartment complex.

remedy found!


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