Tuesday, September 1, 2015

what happened to august?

it's september 1st!  how did that happen?!  august (my birthday month) was certainly a busy one, but a very good one for sure.  as some of you may know for the first time ever i took two whole weeks off and traveled up north.  it was relaxing, rejuvenating, and soooo much fun.  so much so it would appear as though i completely abandoned my daily updates!  i still have a few pictures i'd like to share with y'all so for the next few fridays i'll be doing just that.  sound good?  

as mentioned above, today is the first day of september and the first day of national yoga month, woohoo! a whole month devoted entirely to yoga. how cool is that?  there are several free yoga classes being offered here in the area and probably in your area too.  check around. as i find out about the one's here in my area, i'll post on the facebook page.  

here on the blog, the plan is to delve into one of my favorite subjects (yoga) a little deeper and a little more often.  if you have any questions about yoga that you've been dying to ask, please do!  i'd love to hear them and try to answer them for you.  my dream is to create a community here in my little corner of the blogosphere, so pull up a chair, pour yourself a cuppa tea and let's chat.  you're welcome to leave your questions in the comments below or on facebook or email me.  

on the menu for september:
newsletter - look for it towards the end of the week.  not a subscriber?  click here.  i will not inundate your inbox with stuff, just a newsletter every month or so, and an occasional mid-month love note.

back to school, back to health e-course - it's coming together and the plan is to launch sept. 21st.  it's a 5 day course with an email delivered to you each day containing simple, easy tips for re-energizing your path to wellness and self-care.  best of all, it's totally free!  sign-up here to join us.  

my wish list:
pen september dreams
catch up on ayurvedic course
register for yarn bowl painting party
register for yarn crawl in october
finish and ship son and granddog's blanket
start new website for the cafe
create yoga video(s)
brainstorm workshop ideas for holidays
savor time with family, friends

what about you?   what's on your wish list this month?  


cindy  :)

i think next year, i may take the whole month of august off - it is my birthday month after all!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

day 3 - yoga and kinky boots

brahman studio, harlem
good day today, but i'm tired.  or really the legs are pretty tired.  dancer son and i decided to check out a yoga class at a nearby studio.  he said he'd been there before and had really enjoyed the class.  what he didn't tell me was that even though it was close by, just 3 blocks away, it was all up hill.  and i don't mean a small little incline.  i mean san francisco type inclines!  all the way up.  the most exciting part is that after trekking the 3 steep blocks, the studio was another 3 flights of stairs! geez, who needs to do any leg work after that.

all in all the studio was beautiful, the teacher was lovely and so cute, and the class was challenging, but not too much so.  i took my own advice, took breaks when i needed to and didn't sweat the rest.

for the second half of our day, we traveled down to times square and theatre district.  tried our hand at the ticket lottery for the book of mormon, but didn't get it.   however, we ended getting a pretty good deal for the show kinky boots and i'm so glad we did.  it's a fantastic show, fun, thoughtful, and inspirational.  i highly recommend it!

opening scene

on the agenda tomorrow:  wandering the brooklyn and williamsburg area most of the day and going to see another show tomorrow night, an american in paris.  can't hardly wait!!!

here's to peace, love and broadway shows,

cindy :)

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

best of both worlds 2015 - day 2

hanging out with dancer son in nyc today and for the next several days.  can i just tell you we've walked more today than i think i've walked in the last several years combined?!  not really, but we did walk a LOT.

it was a beautiful day here.  upper 80's with a really nice breeze.  not too hot, just right.  today we roamed all areas of the upper west side starting with lincoln center.  we stumbled across the frank sinatra exhibit at the new york public library for the performing arts.  how cool is it that there is a library dedicated just to the performing arts?  i love it!  you could literally spend hours upon hours checking out all the books, cd's, dvd's, and archived material that they have.  really cool stuff.

for lunch we ate at a place i read about a few years back and was hoping i'd get the chance to try someday, the peacefood cafe.  it's a totally vegan restaurant and so very delicious!  they had gluten-free options too.  i was in heaven.  i highly recommend the macaroons.  (i would have taken a picture, but it was eaten before i even had time to think about it.)

we did some people watching in central park, wandered the tree-lined side streets checking out the interesting architecture, enjoyed a treat at magnolia bakery (not gluten-free, but oh so good), and checked out a couple of little shops along the way.  one of the biggest highlights for me was stumbling across this little yarn shop!  too cute.  believe it or not, i didn't buy any yarn rationalizing i wouldn't have room to pack it, but who knows?  i know where the place is now and may need to go back.

our last stop before home was trader joe's.  you cannot believe how many people were in that store, which was 2 levels by the way, and how many people were in line to check out!  i've never seen anything like it. dancer son says this was the norm and even though the line was super, super long we would't have to wait very long, and he was right.  it's worth the trip to nyc just to see how quickly the crew at trader joe's is able to get this mass of people through the checkout lines and how pleasant and downright cheery they all were (the crew that is).  quite an organizational feat to behold for sure.

not totally sure about the plans for tomorrow just yet.  we'll see if the feet recover from today!

my morning view - community garden across from apartment

peacefood cafe - in love!

lincoln center

dancer son and i hamming it up

central park


more yarn!

i love yarn!
peace, love and tired feet!

cindy :)
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