Monday, September 8, 2014

getting back to reality

i'm back!  back from vacation that is. actually i've been back for a week and a half, but it's taken me that long to get out of "vacation mode" and get back to the routine of daily life.  there was just something very special about this trip and honestly, i just didn't want to leave!  i had such a good time.  will definitely be sharing more about it in future posts.  until then, here are a few pics i took while gallivanting around the miami area.
dog beach in key biscayne

jewel toned colored water

lighthouse on key biscayne beach

my sons sailboat

there are also pics i posted on instagram and facebook while i was gone if you want to check those out as well.

for now, it's back to reality!

i have a few things on the horizon that i'm excited to share very soon.  make sure to check back, keep track on facebook or if you haven't already, sign up for the newsletter or email notification.  you can do that by filling out your email address at the top right hand side of this page.  that way, you'll never miss a thing.

here's a fun fact for today.  did you know that september is national yoga month?  well, it is!  so what better time than now to get some of those yoga questions you've been dying to ask, answered.  i'd love to know what you'd like to know about yoga.  you can leave a question in the comment section of the blog, head over to the facebook page or you can even email me. let's talk yoga!

until the next post, here's to peace, love, and yoga.

cindy :)